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Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer” is a certified company that can deliver reliable flue gas coolers that meet the needs of the customer. The strong rise of heat and power plants, the flue gas coolers will form an important part of the product range of Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer”. We can guarantee a long life through a solid construction and the application of the correct materials. Besides quality, service and support for are highly valued.

Service and quality Flue Gas Coolers
The foundation for Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer” was established in1901 with the main activities: construction work and the repair of stoves, fireplaces and carriages. With the growing demand for the manufacture of heating systems for the ever more sophisticated greenhouses around Aalsmeer, the founder of the forge, C. Lanser, increasingly specialized in this area. The combined company grew so that in 1987 it was decided to continue as two independent companies. Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer” is now a modern and versatile company, specializes in designing and building custom equipment, according to our own design or according to customer requirements. Flexibility is our top priority.

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