Working Method

Thanks to our flexible method it is possible to achieve a good and smooth flow of the wide range of products. For example all designs developed using a 3D CAD system (Solid Edge) and heat-technical and technical strength calculations are done in-house.
In our factory, ensuring a smooth passage through the possible production based on Lean Production, with a large machinery, including CNC drilling machines, tube cutting machine, lathes and a wide range of welding equipment: electrode, MIG, TIG and OP welding. But the key link remains: experienced professionals, including certified welders with their expertise perform high quality work.

Because Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer” is, since 1950, active in the areas where it still operates, and because all the specifications of previously manufactured equipment is still stored on order number (ON-NO), it is possible in a short time, supply replacement parts or entirely new identical devices .
If you have a heat exchanger or (pressure) vessel from another manufacturer that needs to be replaced or repaired, then it’s possible ,on the basis of available information and (possibly locally) measuring, for a suitable replacement or repairs to be made??.

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