Pressure vessel

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Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer” is a company with years of experience and meets all modern demands. We are an accredited certified company that provides old-fashioned sound equipment.

Traditionally, pressure vessels of cast iron or steel, and assembled by rivets. Today, most pressure vessels are welded. With it, the starting materials must of course pocess a good weldability and sufficient toughness. Therefore we use different welding processes for different applications: OP, MIG, TIG, also coated electrode and oxy. Comprehensive range of welding machines for electrode, MIG, MAG, TIG and OP welding.

Examples of pressure vessels
A selection of the examples include housings, steam drums, air tanks, storage tanks, expansion tanks collectors and distributors. Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer” ensures of pressure vessels to deliver a wide range according to your wishes. The materials include carbon steel, stainless steel and copper. You can choose from both horizontal and vertical version. If you have a preference for such connections can totally placed in agreement according to your preferences.

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