Repair and maintenance

Besides the quality, service and support are highly valued to Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer”. Thanks to the excellent maintained archive of all projects since 1950, Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer” has the ability to supply spare parts, for all its production units. These can include inner parts of heat exchangers, gaskets, etc..Also repairs to any third party devices, and be conducted . However, when a complete heat exchanger needs to be replaced, it is possible for it to be sent to Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer” for a one to one build. If sending is not possible, then there is the possibility to measure the heat exchanger on the spot , so that eventually a new device can be provided, and can be placed without or with minimal modifications
Repairs can, if necessary, be done under the supervision of an inspection body. See the page “Notify bodies” for an idea of all the posibilities. Even if another assessment is required, please contact Apparatenfabriek “Aalsmeer” to inquire about the possibilities.

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