Material Machining

Of course it is possible to let AFA machine items for you . In our machine park there are different conventional and CNC machines for machining, cutting, sawing and rolling.

AFA produces many different products from different materials. We have over 100 years experience in the manufacturing of custom-made products that are as diverse as our clients. AFA processes all kinds of products. Besides ferrous materials are also various non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel, duplex, brass, copper, cunifer etc. that can be processed


What can you find at AFA? (CNC) milling, (CNC) turning, sawing, threading, drilling and other operations. AFA has developed an extensive machine park, including:

KAO MING KMC-2000SD CNC machining Centre
CNC control: Fanuc 18-i-MB
Speed: 5.200 RPM
Table size: 1650 x 2000 mm
Max. load on table: 6.000 KG
Distance between columns: 2100 mm
Max. range X-Y-Z: 2230 mm – 2000 mm – 700 mm
CNC control: Siemens / Acromatic 2100
Speed: 10.000 RPM
Tablesize: 1525 x 765 mm
Max. load on table: 2.000 KG
Max. rangeX-Y-Z: 1270 mm x 765 mm x 765 mm
DECKEL FP4A CNC milling Machine
CNC control: Contour 3
Speed: 3.150 RPM
Table size: 700 x 480 mm
Max. range X-Y-Z: 550 – 490 – 328
MAG Boehringer DUS 630 Ti Teach In lathe
Swing above bed: 640 mm
Swing above sled: 420 mm
Bed width: 360 mm
Speed: 2.000 RPM
EST TICINO 420 CNC lathe
Swing above bed: 840 mm
Swing above sled: 600 mm
Max. Diameter work piece: 1.600 mm
Speed: 900 RPM
SIMEC MEC 120 BM pipe cutting machine
Cutting legths: 150 – 6.000 mm
Max. capacity round profile: Ø 100
Max. capacity square profile: 100 x 100
Max. capacity rectangular profile: 120 x 80
BIRLIK HSM-4 3-roll plate roller
Max. plate with: 2.000 mm
Max. plate thickness: 18 mm
BIRLIK HSM-4 3-roll plate roller
Max. Plate width: 3.000 mm
Max. Plate thickness: 6 mm
DURMA VS 3020 CNC Hydraulic Plate Shear
CNC control: Sybelec DNC60
Max. Plate width: 3.000 mm
Max. Plate thickness (CS): 15 mm
Max. Plate thickness (SS): 12 mm
Trim angle: 0-180°
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